Company Background


Coppermine Realty conducts exceptional real estate services through executing innovative marketing practices and partnering with Realtors who are proven, passionate, and productive.



Three colleagues driven to deliver both “old fashioned” service and a cutting edge approach decided to create Coppermine Realty in 2016. We each come to the table with business management and ownership experience as well as over 30 years combined real estate experience in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas. We’ve been a party to countless clients and run the gambit of varying transactions. We’re prepared to deliver top of the line service to our clients both personally and through recruiting only premium agents.



Did you know that in 1728 a massive copper mine company known as Frying Pan Copper Mining Company began digging near current day Dulles Airport? This mine eventually acquired nearly 20,000 acres of land including the property that George Mason University currently sits on, as well as much of Ox Road. As a matter of fact Frying Pan Copper Mining Company is responsible for improving Ox Road in order to move their ore to the Occoquan for shipping. Much like Frying Pan Copper Mining Company, we at Coppermine Realty want to unearth and deliver value to our clients all while improving our community.