buy-iconQuality, trained, experienced agents prepared to listen and meet your needs. Coppermine understands this is both a financial investment and a home.

handing-over-keys2STEP ONE: Listen. YOU either A, know exactly what you want or B, need guidance. Either way we start our search by LISTENING to YOU.

STEP TWO: We work as a team hunting for the home that best fits YOU. Do we set you up on an auto search can call it a day? NO! We talk. We network. We knock on doors. We HUNT.

STEP THREE: We analyze the market and negotiate for your home. When you win, we win.

STEP FOUR, FIVE… all steps necessary to get to settlement (varies): Once we win the contract, we have more work to do. You are not left on your own to navigate the requirements of the home buying process. Inspections, negotiations, warranties, insurance – we will guide you the entire way.

FINAL STEP: We meet at settlement to review the final documents with a third party and you receive the keys to your castle.


See You at Home!